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Welcome to the Clade News & Insights page – the place where we post our blogs, news and other useful resources to help you make sense of the modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 landscape. We post regularly so do stay in touch.

Microsoft Power BI and the importance of a data driven culture

More and more companies are realising the importance of a data driven culture in order to create a successful business. What is a data driven culture? An organisation that empowers their employees with the skills and tools to effectively analyse data to drive decisions and strategy.

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CRM for Associations Super Blog Series – Part 3 - Finding the right partner

Implementing a new CRM within your Association isn’t a small thing. It takes budget, time and dedication. That’s why it’s so important to have a vendor and partner on board who understand you, who you enjoy working with and who exceed your expectations.

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A Clade Success Story: Transforming Customer Service with Microsoft BI

St George Foodservice's responsiveness to a growing customer base was limited by an outdated manual reporting system. With Microsoft BI, they now have 24/7 access to real-time data, customer trends and insights, and streamlined business processes.

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Clade Becomes a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner

Clade Solutions is excited to announce that we are now a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner! This opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for us to deliver transformative value to our customers.

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CRM for Associations Super Blog Series – Part 2 - Identifying CRM Essentials

In a rapidly changing digital marketplace flooded with options, how do we overcome our choice paralysis to begin choosing a CRM?

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How Clade Empowers AIS NSW to Save Thousands from Illiteracy

Despite billions of dollars spent on education programs aimed at improving literacy, 440,000 Australian students still struggle to read. Clade has worked with AIS NSW to build ESTA-L, which has the potential to eradicate illiteracy and empower future generations.

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How Clade helped Fullerton Health migrate to an integrated Finance System

When Fullerton Health acquired Healthscope two sets of systems, applications and databases had to streamlined into one. “Clade were already doing work for Fullerton and, as they were very happy with them, it made sense for me to ask for their help on this project,” says Jasper.

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CRM for Associations Super Blog Series – Part 1 - What is Digital Transformation?

Is there a bigger workplace buzz phrase than ‘digital transformation’ right now? From global corporates to government, public services to small businesses – everyone is under pressure to join the digital age.

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Leveraging Machine Learning to streamline document processing

Leading occupational healthcare services provider Jobfit was - in partnership with Clade, able to develop a redaction solution using Microsoft’s new Azure Cognitive Services Vision API for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to enable document review and data entry, while protecting patient personal information

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Steve Morris joins Clade

The most exciting part of joining Clade is the opportunity to shape and foster a talented and rapidly growing Microsoft-focused technology consultancy. Clade has already built a great team over the past 5 years along with having a strong vision for their future. So, it is my luck and pleasure to join such a great team.

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